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We can show you how to plan for your retirement in the most tax effective means possible. We focus on the four most important factors in retirement planning – the correct pension structure, a competitive charging structure, an investment strategy which takes advantage of market volatility and dedicated ongoing management of the investment.

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Pension & Retirement Planning

The most important part of retirement planning is starting early. Once you have started the most important part is doing it correctly. In order to do it correctly you need to know;

  1. How much income you will need to maintain your lifestyle in retirement?
  2. What size pension fund you need to accumulate to produce that income?
  3. How much you need to contribute to achieve the required pension fund?

As part of arranging your pension we will carry out a detailed fact finding exercise in order to advise you on the above and we will review progress with you at regular intervals so that we can advise if adjustments are required in order for you to achieve your retirement planning objectives. This is called the ‘accumulation phase’.

We can Advise on and Arrange All Types of Pensions

  • Personal Pensions
  • PRSA’s
  • Company Pensions
  • Personal Retirement Bonds
  • Executive Pensions
  • Small Self-Administered Pensions
  • Additional Voluntary Contributions
  • Approved Retirement Funds

Maturing Your Pension

When you come to retirement you will need advice on how to take your benefits. The main issues when maturing your pension are;

  1. Whether to take a tax free lump sum and, if it is in your interests to do so, how to maximise the amount you can take tax-free*
  2. The decision on whether to purchase an annuity or invest in an Approved Retirement Fund
  3. If you decide to invest in an Approved Retirement Fund, how to best manage that into the future many pensions are matured using the retirement lump advised in the retirement options letter.

*in many cases the advised retirement lump sum amount is not the maximum which can be achieved if the rules are fully utilised. We think that we can calculate a higher retirement lump sum than your advised lump sum in the vast majority of cases. If you are maturing your pension why not let us check whether we can increase your lump sum. If we can’t at least you will know that your pension is being matured optimally and if we can it will save you some tax.

Ongoing Management

The period after you retire is called the ‘decumulation phase’ and how this is managed is equally as important as the accumulation phase. One of the key issues in retirement is calculation of the appropriate amount to withdraw from your fund while still maintaining the fund for the desired length of time. It is critical that this be managed properly if you want your pension to last into your old age. We provide clients who choose this service with an ARF Sustainability Report each year. This will give you a clear picture of where you stand regarding sustaining your fund into the future.

One of the key things to bear in mind regarding the management of your pension investment is that a large correction in the markets will affect you more in the later stages of the accumulation stage (pre-retirement) or the early stages of the decumulation stage (post retirement).

We will explain all the issues to you, in simple terms and without using technical jargon.

Maybe you are only interested in a pension as a means of extracting wealth from your company. Maybe you would like to use your pension to buy property. Maybe you are a member of a company scheme and you need help understanding it – we have extensive expertise in company pension schemes. We spend the majority of our time advising on Pensions, so we know how to help.

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No adviser can advise on a pension or investment plan properly, without a financial plan. The plan determines the rate of return needed to drive the plan to a successful conclusion. This in turn informs asset allocation.

Whether you retain a Financial Planner to construct a comprehensive plan or only for Retirement Planning, a Certified Financial Planner will use his financial planning skills to advise you and he will have a defined investment process. When it comes to investing there’s a lot to consider and a defined investment process will ensure that there is a strategy in place which will not be derailed by market volatility.

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