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Highfield Financial Planning – the most client focused financial services company in Ireland.

About Highfield Financial Planning

The principal of the firm Eoghan Gavigan has over 27 years’ experience in banking and finance across Treasury, Lending and Wealth Management. The holder of a Degree in Credit Management from DIT, Eoghan is also a holder of the Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning from University College Dublin. He is a member of the Institute of Banking as well as the Financial Planning Standards Board Ireland. All financial advisers must have a Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) designation in order to provide financial advice which Eoghan has, however he also has the higher level Specialist Investment Adviser (SIA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) qualifications. The CFP qualification is the world’s most respected industry designation, held by only a select number of advisers.

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About You

  • You want help with a financial issue or objective
  • You are interested in advice rather than sales; you don’t want to be sold to
  • You are serious about making the most of your finances
  • You don’t want the stress of dealing with the mass market offerings which are available; you haven’t time to spend waiting on hold
  • You may have financial products (pensions, life assurance, investments etc) but they were sold to you by someone who had a target to achieve
  • You want financial advice from someone who acts as a fiduciary (who acts in your best interest)

About Financial Planning

Most of the important life choices which we make, about issues such as career, family planning, housing and leisure are based at least in part on our assessment of our ability to meet the costs involved. As such, how well we manage our money is an important determinant of our futures. Even so, many people don’t have any formal plan for this. With so many moving parts to the process, a plan is critical to success.

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About the CFP Qualification

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation originated in the US in 1973. It is conferred by the FPSB in Ireland. In order to receive authorization to use the designation, the candidate must meet education, examination, experience and ethics requirements, and pay an ongoing certification fee. Minimum competency to work in financial services in Ireland is the Qualified Financial Adviser (QFA) qualification. There are around 22,000 QFA’s in Ireland and 900 CFP’s.

How Does This Help You

Most financial products are sold because the seller had a target to achieve, not because you had a need. Many people who approach us for financial planning services tell us that they feel that what they have been getting is sales, and they want advice. Financial Planning starts with you and the financial and life objectives which you want to achieve. Our most successful clients use Financial Planning to manage their finances and accumulate wealth. Studies have shown that people who engage in Financial Planning are more on track with their financial affairs and have higher net worths.

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Why We Changed Our Practice To Focus On Financial Planning

Most people feel that they aren’t well served by the traditional financial advice model. Commission based sales creates a huge conflict of interest as in order for a financial adviser to be paid for his work he must sell you a financial product, and if he sells you a product with higher charges he gets paid more. The financial advice industry focuses on the sale of financial products. We focus on you and the financial and life objectives which you want to achieve.

I would highly recommend Eoghan to anyone looking for expert financial advice. From my first meeting with Eoghan, the level of service has been exceptional. He's extremely knowledgeable, very patient and explains things in way that you can easily understand. I'm delighted with the product he found for me and I hope to be a client of his for years to come.

Gareth M21/9/2020

Excellent service provided by Eoghan since I took the decision to take my pension out of the Banks and use a financial advisor to help me maximise incomes from the market. He is always attentive and quick to offer current valuable advice. Happy to recommend Eoghan to anyone interested in getting sound financial advice.

Niall Hearn2/3/2020

For pensions and advice, Eoghan is an expert, professional and thorough. He has a knack for explaining and summarising this important and complex subject in layman's terms. This helps enormously, making you comfortable that you are making the right financial choices for you. He is also a patient and nice guy to deal with.

Bill Glennon18/9/2019

As well as advising me on the performance of my existing personal pension & arranging life insurance policies, Eoghan is also now overseeing our business needs. So far, he has implemented an employee pension scheme & is advising on corporate co-director & key-person insurance. I have found him to be exceptionally knowledgeable and honest and wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to others for either business or personal pensions/investments etc.

Dawn Richardson10/10/2019

We first met when i was made redundant and needed help with moving my pension. Since then, he has advised me on my life insurance policy for my mortgage and helped me to get a much better deal than I had with my bank. He is extremely helpful and I can ask him anything without feeling like it's a stupid question!

Rachel Egan1/2/2020

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