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Did you know that inflation is one of the biggest destroyers of wealth? In Ireland today there is over €100 billion of funds sitting on deposit earning little or no return. The value of this money is being eaten away year after year. The only way to defeat this is to invest in assets which grow at more than the rate of inflation.

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Much has been written about why investing can seem like a perilous pursuit. A significant issue for investors is that their cognitive and emotional biases cause them to make decisions which damage the value of their investments.

The way to mitigate against this is 1) to learn about and recognise our biases and 2) to have a defined investment process which will guide your actions.

The market is random. Instead of focussing on beating the market, pay attention to what you can control;

  • Your asset allocation should be linked to your return objectives
  • Invest for the long run
  • Buy and hold
  • Diversify
  • Control your costs
  • Pay attention to taxes

“The Investors chief problem – even his worst enemy – is likely to be himself.”

Benjamin Graham

Whether you want to invest a lump sum or establish an instalment savings plan to accumulate funds for a future purpose we can advise on what’s best, arrange a product to suit your needs and help you to manage it.

In all cases where we manage investments, we devise a strategy and we help you to stick to it through the ups and downs which are part of the investment journey.

Do you have money sitting on deposit which isn’t working for you and your family? We pride ourselves on providing superior investment advice.

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We get paid a commission from any company with which we arrange a product for you and in this case there are no further fees payable by you.

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