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Review My Pension

I want someone to review my pension to see if it is competitive


Review My Pension (35 second read)

If you have a pension, have you had it reviewed recently to determine if it working as hard as it could for you?

Do you know what your pension is invested in? If it is invested in a lifestyle fund do you know what these are designed to do, and why they are no longer appropriate for many pension investors?

Do you know what assets are contained in the fund which your pension is invested in? How has the expected return from those assets changed since you started your pension? For example, did you know that bonds used to provide very good returns with (at least the perception of) relatively low risk? Do you know why bonds can be risky in a low interest rate environment or the effect that inflation can have on different asset classes?

Do you know how much the charges on your pension are, and how much those charges are going to reduce your income in retirement? Even though modern pensions typically have substantially lower charges than pensions from only a few years ago, are you aware that you keep paying the higher charges unless you switch product?

Do you know how much income your pension is going to provide you with in retirement? Did you know that the projections you receive are based on you purchasing an annuity when you retire and that they are therefore often misleading as very few pension savers avail of this option due to the current low level of annuity rates?

If you are going to have a comfortable retirement you need to ensure that you are maximising your pension. Many investment professionals believe that the returns from investing are going to be lower in the future than they were in the past so if you are going to grow your pension you need to take a hands-on approach.

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