Lifestyle Financial Planning

Are you unhappy with progress towards your financial goals?

Do you have a good income but little to show for it?

Have you been procrastinating regarding Retirement Planning, funding for children’s third level education or accumulating funds for a specific purpose?

Maybe you’ve been doing all these things in piecemeal fashion but have no overall cohesive plan?

Or, maybe like many people, you feel that you aren’t well served by the traditional financial advice model?

Why not find out if Lifestyle Financial Planning could help you? In order to explain the benefits of Financial Planning we offer a one to one Zoom call weekly. We normally run this on Tuesday evening at 8 pm and it takes less than half an hour. Just click here and choose a date that suits.

If you’d prefer to talk to us please call us on 01 546 1100 or 086 606 5008.

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